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Here is some helpful information about your first visit!

Physical Therapy can be overwhelming to many after surgery or when in pain, so what should you expect when your doctor refers you to physical therapy?

Your first appointment will consist of an initial evaluation and a treatment. During your initial evaluation, a physical therapist will learn about your pain, symptoms and what you would like to get back to in life. Grocery shopping? Playing with grandchildren? Return to running? It is all important and your goals help us determine your treatment.

Plan on your first appointment to last approximately 45-60 minutes. We will teach you a few things for you to perform at home in addition to starting your PT treatment here in the clinic.

Wear comfortable clothes and good footwear! Shorts are helpful when we are treating hip and knee injuries and/or tank tops or short sleeve shirts are great for shoulder, elbow or neck injuries. After your first visit, your follow up appointment will consist of a treatment lasting approximately 45 minutes. Ask questions, bring your concerns with you - we are here to help you through the entire process.

There are two parking lots on each side of the Union Square building which are open to our patients. There is an elevator on the right side of the building which will bring you right to our door. If stairs are difficult for you currently, we suggest taking this entrance. If you have concerns, call us!

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